From a speech given to Action for UN Renewal in the House of Commons

Thank you to Act-UN for allowing me to share some of my work on the United Nations. I would like to begin by paying tribute to all those people who work for the organisation in the field and who, as we sit here in comfort, are doing what they can to ease the suffering of the world’s peoples. These UN employees are often unsung and too often unsupported in what they are trying to do.

I think particularly tonight of UN peacekeepers working in missions that are hopelessly ill-equipped and understaffed – of those soldiers in the DRC who are in the midst of violence which the world ignores. And while Iraq takes your own time and attention many thousands continue to die in Darfur, in Sudan. This tragedy, which has been classified genocide, receives intermittent press coverage.

Reviews for The End of the Street

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General Secretary EETPU.

Perhaps there was a plot; but I tell you unequivocally that we had no part of it, no knowledge of it."

The Journalist.

Someone had to tell the Wapping story quickly, and there was no one better suited for the job than Linda Melvern. She was trained and moulded on newspapers before the Return of the Proprietors, and the consequent collapse of journalistic standards”.

Financial Times.

an extraordinary canvass.....her material, deeply detailed, fully documented ...on how the company established the Wapping operation. Whatever the outcome of the dispute, it is unlikely that a better account will need to be written of it... Melvern’s story is gripping, highly dramatic... It is above all a reporters book, telling the tale...

Former Literary Editor, Sunday Times, to Andrew Neil.

You have become the mouthpiece for a ruthless and bullying management which regards all employees as cattle.

as gripping as any piece of fiction.

Managing Director, News International.

If you go to a casino and play the numbers game, as they did, and you lose, you don't go back to the casino the next day and ask for your money back.

Bloody exciting ain't it? Bloody exciting.

General Secretary, NGA.

We had given him an olive branch and he'd broken it in two and beaten us round the head with it.

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